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home design & planning process

The process of designing and building a new home begins long before the foundation is poured. We believe process is most efficient and exciting if you first develop a good plan-one that fits your family and your lifestyle. So we take the following steps with you before we sign a contract and break ground.

We'll meet to discover what you are looking for in your new home. Discuss home plans, architectural ideas, budget and build timing. We get to know each other and answer questions and concerns you have about the building process.

Together, we'll visit your lot to understand the challenges and strengths of the property. We want to design your home to take advantage of your lot/land. It's important our clients have a clear understanding of the "site" costs in addition to the building costs.

We complete an initial draft of your conceptual floor plans, customized to suit your needs. (For a full custom home, after we develop the first round of floor plans, we enter into a design/build agreement.)

Once we have floor plan laid out, prior to finishing the "bid" plans, we meet to go through all the amenities and options in your home. We re-qualify to ensure the home plans and expectations match your budget. Once we finalize amenities and agree on targeted budget, we complete the drawings and price out the home with our suppliers and trade partners.

When the plans and project estimates are ready we'll prepare a formal proposal. Then we'll meet with you to discuss details and answer any questions you have before the plans are finalized. We offer full transparency and are an "open book" builder. Nothing is a secret, we share all the costs with you.

We will make any additional modifications and finalize details and home options. Once you sign a construction agreement, we take deposit and begin the survey and permitting process. During this time you will finalize a home loan with your lender or title company.